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  1. BackMate® Model#BKM5030
    Size: 1"x30"x50"
    Weight 6.0 lbs.

  2. BackMate® Model#BKM8232
    tri-folds Size: 1"x32"x82"
    Weight 10.0 lbs.
    The cushion trifolds and snaps for easy carrying

  3. KneelZone® Model #KM1230
    Size: 1.50"x12"x30"
    Weight: 1.75 lbs.
    New Size option: Model #KM1230dt (not pictured)
    Size: 3"x12"x30"
    Weight: 2.25lbs. (double thickness)

  4. KneelZone® Model #KM1230X2
    Bi-folds to nearly 3 inches in thickness
    Size: 1.50"x24"x30" when unfolded
    Weight: 3.5 lbs.

  5. KneelZone® Model #KMtP2430
    Size: 1.50"x12"x30"
    Weight: 3.25 lbs.
    Tool Protector Size: 12"x30"
    Keep tools & parts clean and dry with the attached tool protector flap.

  6. KneelZone® Model #KM710
    Size: 1.50"x7"x10"
    Weight: .70 lbs.

  7. BoxMateTM Model #BM818
    Size: 1.50"x8"x18"
    Weight: .62lbs.
    New Size option: Model #BM818dt (not pictured)
    Size: 3"x8"x18"
    Weight: 1.50 lbs. (double thickness)

  8. BoxMateTM Model #BM818X2
    Bi-folds to nearly 3 inches in thickness
    Size: 1.50"x16"x18" when unfolded
    Weight: 1.25lbs.
  • Cushions are easy to clean with a soap/water solution or other non-caustic cleaners.
  • Safety orange (for high visibility) flame retardant vinyl covering. Antistatic, oil resistant, & UV resistant.
  • All cushions have passed dielectric tests to 20K Vdc. Do not use these products to insulate the human body from electrical voltage!
  • Serviceable temperature range of cover is -20°F to 278°F.

Workstation Ergonomic Mats
Long term Placement Mats provide comfort while kneeling or standing
  • Guaranteed comfort with heavy 1 inch thick closed-cell foam
  • Mats hug the floor - will not absorb water - self extinguishing
  • 2 styles for your convenience- beveled edges or hand-hole for easy handling
  • Model# Size Weight Style
    #3684 1"x 36"x 84" 16.25 lbs. Beveled
    #1836 1"x 18"x 36" 3.50 lbs. Beveled
    #1528 1"x 15"x 28" 2.15 lbs. Beveled
    #1421 1"x 14"x 21" 1.50 lbs. Hand-Hole
    Cover has a temperature rating of 1800°F continuous and a melting temperature of 3000°F.
    The WelderMateTM helps protect welders, grinders, & mechanics while they work in high temperature settings.

    Two Sizes Available:

    WelderMateTM Model #WM3430
    Size: 1" x 34"x 30"
    Weight: 3.90 lbs.
    WelderMateTM Model #WM1230
    Size: 1.50" x 12"x 30"
    Weight: 2.50 lbs.
    Color: red orange
    Industrial Lift Slings for
    Construction and Industry

    Coldgon manufactured Certified Industrial Nylon Lifting Slings. Most common sizes, types, and lifting capacities are available.
    Widths available: 1 in., 2, 3, 4, & 6 inch. Single or Double Ply.
    Sling categories:

  • Eye to Eye
  • Twisted Eye to Eye *Pictured here
  • Endless
  • Triangle & Choker
  • Triangle to Triangle